Headline news and RSN neg against dirtbikes

I watch CNN Headline News and at the end of thier 1/2 hour here in Denver

they have something on called RSN sports. They do a few minutes on outdoor

activities. They did a short story on cross training for Mtn biking by

dirtbiking and at the end of the segment stated that dirtbikes are harmful

to the enviroment. I sent off an email and here is there response. My

orginal post is at the very bottom.



Dirt bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, and jet skis are always lumped into that

"harmful to the environment" category. Part of the reason, of course, is

that those vehicles have engines and make lots of noise. But so does my

sports car. the difference is I don't drive my car in the mountains, through

streams, or over sand dunes (even if the car could actually do that). So,

the perception of, for example, dirt bikes has become the reality.

I agree that a better way to word the statement is as you suggest. We almost

never do stories on any outdoor gear that have engines and, even though many

of the RSN staff dirt bike and snowmobile, sometimes our default setting is

to be harsher on motorized equipment than the equipment really deserves.

Thanks for the comments and thanks for watching.

Towle Tompkins

Director of TV Operations


-----Original Message-----

From: Comments on RSN [mailto:endurodog@attbi.com]

Sent: Monday, May 19, 2003 2:27 PM

To: Tompkins, Towle

Subject: Complaint

On 051603 at 325AM MST I was watching your show at the end of the CNN

Headline News programming. You had a story on cross training with dirt

bikes for Mtn. bike riding. At the end of the story the report in the

studio said

"Dirt bikes are harmful to the environment, so only ride where allowed."

I am offended by this statement as I am a dirt bike rider. If we use this

same logic that brought about this statement we can also state that mountain

biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing and everything we do outside is

harmful to the land. The oldest form of outdoor recreation, hiking, is

banned in parts of National Park system because of this, (the tundra areas

of Rocky Mountain Nat. Park).

By making statements like this your show doesn't not promote responsible

"multi use" of our lands. A better statement would have been "Dirt biking

use is only allowed in certain areas, check with your local authorities

before you ride, and ride responsibly".

I would hope in the future that you portray a more responsible position in

your statements about different outdoor recreation activities that you may

not fully enjoy yourself.

Rex McKinney

Aurora CO.

Well said, Endurodog!

dirt bikes are harmful to the environment huh. well nobody says anything about the bomb testings they do out in the desserts , or the bombs they use during war. they say dirtbikes are loud. so is a group of crows in a farm field. the jake break on a tractor trailer isn't quiet either so lets take that off and see how well it stops .so is the bottom of a water fall. we should damn up niagra falls cause it is just too noisy. and those fire trucks man they are noisy too , but nobody says they are harmful to the environment. it's just a bunch of geeks that aren't coordinated enough to ride dirt bikes that say they are harmful. there are much more harmful things to the environment than dirt bikes. let's ride where it's alloweed huh. the nearest sanctioned riding spot to me is atleast 2 hours away. what we need to do is have george bush get hurt while he is taking a walk and have someone on a dirt bike ride him to the hospital. than dirt bikes would be the hottest craze. everyone would want one and you could ride them anywhere.

so they all can kiss my :)

What a lame, narrow-minded reply. His "perception" helps create our problems, as far as public opinion. It's little pieces of propaganda laid down, here and there, that helps turn the public against us. You must conform to his ideals of an outdoorsman or your recreational use will be attacked, however subtle. These are the type of people who want land protected for their "quality outdoor experience" without regards to other's views of usage. The word selfish comes to mind.

I replied back with this..............

Mr. Tompkins

It's unfortunate to see this attitude from you. Dirtbikes are not always lumped into the "harmful to the environment" catagory. This is done by people that are against this activity or do not understand that activity. There are many that think differently. Mtn bikes are also lumped into this catagory by some. It's to bad that your company promotes this type of thinking. Thanks for your response.

Rex McKinney

The world is full of a-holes that speak without understanding. Then have flashy comebacks that are nothing but BS. Hey azz face, how about a retraction and an apology for people who are in our sport. Then an apology for those who aren't in our sport, saying something to the fact that this apology is so they think before making comments that detract about anyone's choice of activity.

Ya know what is sad...by the time my kids are grown up, their will be nowhere to ride..except for Nevada..where you can just about ride anywhere you want. Another problem that is killing the sport is litigious people. My grandfather worked at a world famous racetrack in So Cal (Indian Dunes) I grew up there riding minis through my last bike which was a 125 back in '82. I can remember people sueing the company that owned the land ...for their own stupidity!!!. It is people like that who cannot control themselves that is gonna drive the final nail into the coffin for us.....if not the tree huggers.

"Live free.....ride well"


I saw that RSN segment. Had a cute gal on a Suzuki talk about her gear and such. I almost spilled my Wheaties at the breakfast table. Then at the end of the segment, the bubble-headed CNN brunette gives her "hate speech". It must be hard for RSN, having to cater to a generation that loves the motorsports lifestyle just to sell a few commercials. I'm fifty, but I can't wait for the X-Gen to takes it's turn at the helm. Maybe then I can ride my WR450 (with training wheels) anywhere I darn want. Any property for sale in Nevada ?

What else would you expect from the "Communist News NetworK" ?

What a surprise....Fromn the same network that said thosands of American troops would die and America would get bogged down in a protracted conflict in Iraq.

What a bunch of idiots.....

Fox News Rules..... Fair and Balanced.... Well Mostely anyway...

Bonzai :)

Sorry guys all of Nevada have been closed to offroad riding :D Shhh! statements like that will bring the rest of California and their politics here. :)

LMAO....I forgot..the Peoples Republic of Nevada has revoked all riding privlidges of their neighbors to the west....At least I have some relatives their to sneak me in!


live well..ride free :)

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