seat and bars

I have a 05 yz450f with protaper low bend bars and stock seat

I'm 6' 3"

I seen other taller rider with tall seat foam and high bend bars, how does it help us out? I dont want to spend the money if i dont have to

I have an 06 with ProTaper KX High's & SDG tall seat. IMO the best investment for my height (6'4) has been Fastway footpegs with the lowboy mount.

I'm under 6' and ride with the Pro Taper Windham bend, which moves the hands up AND forward about 15mm. Makes a world of difference. My son at 6'5" runs the same bars. Both of us use stock seats. He grew to his current size on the bike he rides, so it feels comfortable and normal to him. The tall seat helps a lot of guys, too.

Frankly, I don't see how anyone can be comfortable with the stock or similar bars.

I have the pastrana fmx bars and the pro taper adjustable top clamp with i think the 30mm tall clamps. It is on the farthest forward setting and man is it comfortable. I can stand up comfortably and it feels even better sitting. Im 6'4".

6'5" here with Pastrana FMX bend and Scotts underbar stabilizer mount. Really pumps those bars into the air and I wouldn't have it any other way.

BTW-- Also running low pegs and tall seat

I got some woods high bars from a friend and so far i like them alot better then the low bend, wouldnt a tall seat put me at a higher center of gravity?

When you're seated, yes, but it also makes it easier to get up out of the saddle, and, if you feel like your legs are cramped when you sit forward, it will help with that, too.

If you look at tall seats I'd recommend a Guts tall seat. I have the SDG on my YZ & the fit isn't great. I had Guts on a WR & liked it better. Just my opinion. Like I said previously, the lowered pegs was the most significant mod for me to not feel so cramped.

So much better for big guys to have a tall seat, wide pegs, and higher bars...

Made a world of difference for me at 6'3" 200lbs...

My SDG fit perfectly, btw...

thanks for the help guys, what pegs would you recommend?

I freaking love my Roc Stompa pegs but they were silly expensive ($175 on ebay shipped from Singapore)... I had the money at the time so I went for it, and I'm so glad I did...Has made such a big difference in how long I can ride comfortably...really...Stock pegs felt like I was kind of balancing on them, these are like you're standing on the freaking ground...

I'm 6'2", but long legs, SDG tall seat, Windham pro tapers, Fastway lowered pegs, and GYTR bar mounts (up 5mm and forward). I don't know if the bar mounts will work on an '05 triple clamp though.

I've got the fastway pegs myself, I've had to make some interesting mods to make the camber correct but they work great and I would recommend them,....

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