Newbie looking for help!

Hello, and thank you for reading this post. After months and months of debate and harrasment from my nephew(an '03 crf450 owner) I decided to buy the blue beast. First off..thanks to you all..I had the woodruff key issue fixed b-4 I had any problems. I also re-jetted, removed the airbox baffle, installed an FMF q series pipe, installed the throttle stop from the YZ and this weekend, I will remove the gray wire. New triple clamps,and finally stripped the lighting off. whew..ok what I need to know now is the best suspension settings and tire combos. After putting about 125 miles on the beast at Hollister a couple of weeks ago, It was painfully apparent that the bike was sorely laking in the proper set-up. I am 230 6'3. And let me tell you...the stock set-up didn't like me too much..Trying to manuver the mud was like tryin to ice skate in Jello pudding..and needless to say, the bike was all over the place. My nephew in his infinite wisdom is trying to tell me that the sag and dampening settings really don't mean that much, and being somewhat of a newbie( first bike since '82 rm 125) I was kinda swayed his way until I found YOU ALL!.. Any help would be great!. My riding is novice, and I usually ride at Hollister or Carnige. I hope to meet some of you at some time. You people ROCK!


Welcome Machster! You really need to get your nephew going on the CRF forum! He needs help worse than you do!! Knowing you don't know is one thing; trying to make his uncle as ignorant as him is another :D. (I have a nephew very much like yours :) ) Suspension is critical! I am no expert, but there are plenty of them here (check out the "suspension" forum). I do promise you at the very least need a stiffer spring at 230 lbs! I am a feathery 185 and my stock WR rear spring was too soft for me.

Don't worry though, all that bike you bought needs is a little suspension work to suit your size and style. You bought the right bike. If I ever grow up, I want to own one just like it! :D Till then, my old '99 will have to do! :D

Thanks for the timely words of wisdom..I will be printing your comments and posting it to his forehead!..What gets me is he is 6'8 280..and was riding on stock suspension for the last year..(he finally is in the midst of re-springing)!

Thanks again!

Machster :)

I just bought a 2001 WR426 with brand new Rach Tech suspension on it set up for my weight. Love it. The seller loved it.

Thanks for the info on race -tech. I just went to their website and got all the info on my bike. My next question is tires. The stock tires..well..they suck....I am seriously thinking of trying Steve Claus' idea of using the michelin trials tire x-12's I believe. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated :) Most of my riding is anywhere between sandy/muddy to rocky to really dry/dusty/ on that note I will sit back and wait for the replies to roll in!


"Live well...ride free"

PM offline if you need a set of .48 fork springs. I bought them from race tech and they were to stiff for me. You can have them for $50.00 plus shipping. Should be about the right size for you.

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