Rear Fender Fix

I have a 99 WR400 duel sported with the MSR kit. The kit gives you a YZ rear fender and rear light mount that bolts up under the fender. When I ride the weight of the light causes my fender to flex and makes it crack. I am trying some homemade bracing but wondered if anyone else has had this problem and has come up with a good fix??

the simple back light and licence plate brackets you get round here are pretty small and light and i saw no problems on the yz250 i had. is the light like really large, road bike size or something ? maybe just a smaller light is needed..

I, like you run a YZ fender on my WR ....I went with the Acerbis under the fender mounted great and cost like $40 bucks.

When I first bought my bike (used) in 2000 it had a YZ fender and one of those mounts you're writing about. The previous owner put on one of those plastic fender braces to keep the fender from flexing. It didn't work. I tore off the license plate several times when it connected with the tire knobs. I eventually got a WR fender which is much stiffer and more resistant to flexing.

Here's how I mounted the license plate on the WR fender:


The license plate light is a 5 mm white LED that is connected in with the taillight circuit.

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