2001 YZF426 - Cold Start

Late last summer I purchased a 2001 YZF426 and it ran great. This is my first four stroke and at first it was a little tricky to start but I quickly got the nack of it and it was no longer a problem. Through out the winter I have tried to start it a few times with no luck. Is this just because of the cold (live in Toronto Canada) or should I be checking other things? I put a brand new plug in it, new gas in it... If it is the cold then how do the guys that ice race them get them started? Any pointers would be great.. Thanks guys

Have you checked your valve clearances? Tight valves will make it difficult to start.

no but I will certainly check this afternoon when i get home.. I dont know what I'm looking for really but with the power of Google and TT I'm sure I will figure it out.. thanks

I have alot of trouble starting mine too. If its been started the day before I'm usually fine but luckily I have a place to warm it up.

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