Hard noise in the engine???

Need Help ASAP

Saturday was riding my WR450 through the technical terrain. When crossing the pretty deep river, my freind on Kawasaki sank the bike, so had a hell to fire it back. Called for a truck to pick it up.

I crossed the same river almost OK, fell off, but could hold the bike up, did not stall... However after a few hours the engine stopped and hever fired back. :)

Since I did the yamaha recommended woodruff mod (yamaha even sent me all the tools to do it myself) recently, I could not believe that was the case. I thought the water somehow finally got inside.. :D

When I called up the same truck (second time during the day), and we pulled the WR back to the base, I saw the the Kawasaki guy had his bike fired up by pulling it behind the truck, so I thought that was something I need to do. When pulled, my WR backfired ones and now I realized that there might be the problem with the timing and decided to check the woodruff key... That was it... Anyway, since I did that before, it took me an hour to fix it, I was sure that was the end of the problem, but..... When I fired it back again, it starts normal, runs normal, but there now is a clear, sort of a chain type metal noise coming from the head somewhere, sounds like there is no oil inside. SO I checked the iol, even changed it according to the manual, but the noise is still there :D

I guess, the cause might be from me pulling the bike behind the truck, I now realize that was a bad thing to do.. I guess now I have to put the engine apart to find the case, step by step, starting from the head. :D

Does anyone has any idea what might have happened? What should I look at first? Has anyone had that with the woodruff key problem attached?

Please help...

Was your WR submerged under water and still runing when you fell? Ingesting water through airbox and intake could bend the connecting rod...Bump starting by towing it shouldn't harm the engine as you're forcing the crank to turn via the tranny. Maybe you should check your flywheel job for clearance or a loose part or fragments.

Thank you for reply,

No, I think my WR was not totally submerged under water, at least the airbox intake hole. I checked the air filter after the engine stopped, and it was dry (oily).

I double checked about this noise with my freinds, other WR riders, they think I just've been too concerned and they think the noise is mormal. So I think I will ride carefully. Thanks

When you changed the oil, did the oil look milky brown which would indicate that water was ingested into the engine, maybe through the breather hose which was submerged?

Hopefullly the oil was not milky. In any case I would pull the valve cover and check the valve clearance as well as the cam chain tension. If it is chain noise you hear, the cam chain tensioner may be sticking. Pull the tensioner end bolt out and back off the tensioner with a small screw drive and release. The cam chain should be tight. Get service manual and check it out. Its a new bike so the valves should be checked anyway.

Oil was not milky when I changed it, so I think there was no water inside.

Thanks for advise, I checked the chain tighness, and that seemed fine, I will also check the valves this weekend. Thanks

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