yz426f rekluse question

I appologize in advance if this has already been discussed but I can't seam to find it while I search.

Will a Reluse z start clutch for a '03-'05 yz450f fit a '00 yz426f? I see a lot of clutches available on e bay for '03-'05 450s. I looked at the Relkuse site and I see different part #s. Also, do you need the perch adjuster to make the system work?

Any help would be appriciated.

Call Rekluse. I am sure they can tell you. :ride:

They are different.

They are exactly the same, except that the 450 uses an extra set of plates and the gaskets are different. I bought a Rekluse for the '03-'06 WR450/'03-'04 YZ450 and then downloaded the 426 instructions. If you follow the 426 instructions the 450 clutch will work perfectly. I called Rekluse myself and we determined that the only difference is a ball bearing and the extra clutch plate (and the gasket). The 426 and 450 use the same pressure plate, so it was a matter of deduction to get mine fitted. If you call Rekluse they will ship you the right gasket for less than $30, I think, or something like that. Great customer service, can't recommend them enough. This actually reminds me that I need to go and check/adjust the clearance in my clutch pack, it felt like it was dragging too much last time that I rode it.

Also, the clutch perch assembly is the same for all bikes, so buy the cheapest one on ebay. I bought one for a CRF450, mounted up perfectly with no leftover parts or extra parts needed. Or buy a Magura hydraulic clutch and be done with it. You don't need the clutch perch since the spring and bolt that come in the kit work pretty well, the perch adjuster just lets you adjust on the fly.

If you need any help when installing it, drop me a note. It is very simple once you read the instructions. Huh, funny how that works...

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