2001 YZF426 - Cold Start

Late last summer I purchased a 2001 YZF426 and it ran great. This is my first four stroke and at first it was a little tricky to start but I quickly got the nack of it and it was no longer a problem. Through out the winter I have tried to start it a few times with no luck. Is this just because of the cold (live in Toronto Canada) or should I be checking other things? I put a brand new plug in it, new gas in it... If it is the cold then how do the guys that ice race them get them started? Any pointers would be great.. Thanks guys

How cold are the temperatures you are riding in? Do you store it in an unheated area? Can you keep it inside? If so, start it before you leave to go riding, then it may not be so difficult when you get to the riding area.

not riding during the winter months, there is a couple feet of snow here. I store it in the garage which is not heated.. check my "garage" pictures. average temp here would be around -10.. (14 F) if you are from the states

How about an insulated blanket and some kind of low-intensity heat source, such as a 100 watt light bulb to keep it warmer? If you can keep it above 32°F (that's 0°C to you:smirk:), it should be easier to start.

I was hoping that... today it is + 3 so in a couple hours from now when im in the garage having a pint im going to take another run at it

It probly wont start because the jettings for summer. My 426 is hard to start if you run lean jetts in winter. I ice race my bike. I have to go up 1-2 jetts in winter.

very good point... Thanks

If you take a sunflower or small heater and point it at the engine it should start. It will pop quite abit. but it should start. When its below zero outside I bring a small heater so I know I can get my bike fired when I go to events.

well yesterday it went above o... when got home from work i pulled the carb out and cleaned it out.. put it back together and it started first kick. Come on riding season i got the itch

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