new owner 09 yz 450

i went today and picked up a 09 they wanted 4899.00 got it otd for 5370 not a bad deal. ive been riding a 04 ktm 450 exc. going riding friday to break it in.the frnt forks seem alot stiffer. might haft to soften them up some. ive never riden a 4 stroke made by the any of the big 4 manufactures. its got a better sound than my ktm. just hope it holds up as well. the hole time i had it i never had to touch the valves. just regular oil and filter changes. it still felt as good when i bought it new.

I can't say you'll never have to adjust the valves, but the Yamaha's have always had a reputation of being the most reliable. Congrats on the new bike, I have the '09 as well and love it!. :ride:

yea from what ive heard the yz has the most reliable motor. the ktm had steel valves. thats why u dont haft to keep up with them as much

Woot! :ride:

I have an 08 and I love it!!!

i just bought an 09 and it is way better then my 07cr250x. i adjusted the valves on my 07 4 times and i only had the bike for 2 years .

I just bought the '10. If they had an '09 available I would have nabbed it for that price. Chapparral didn't have any '09 450's except KTM XC.

The forks are pretty stiff, but I'd give it a few hours of break-in time before judging. For my son's 250F we did have to soften the valving. We tried lighter springs but that was too stiff for his 125 pounds. He is quite happy with SmartPerformance oil, the Dual Del Taco valving and the softer dual ICS springs.

On my 250 Smoker I needed stiffer spings, but valving was pretty good for me at 210 pounds. The 450 has a few hours on it now and has softened up a bit.

Congrats on the new ride!

Great bike at a good price. Set your sag and take the time to dial in the clickers at both ends. You'll be rewarded with a tight turning, compact and confidence-inspiring ride.

i got to go ride it last friday and it felt good. the forks are a little stiff.i rode both track and trail. on the track it felt good hitting the jumps way better than my ktm i can now hit jumps harder and clear them not that i couldnt on the ktm it was that the suspension would bottom hard. the yz feels good and im 230pds. the bike ran good but i noticed my head pipe is a little blue . does that mean im to lean on the stock jetting. it runs good the way it is ive only rode the one time and didnt ride hard just getting it broke in on its first ride it didnt seem to want to bog other than that its alot stronger than the ktm

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