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I know this is the YZ 426F message board, and I'm a proud owner of one, but I just recieved the January 2001 issue of Dirt Rider and it sounds like this pre-production Honda CRF 450 is pretty sweet. They said it would pull away from the 426 by about 1/2 a bike length in the straitaways. Its most likely a 4 valve single cam 450cc engine so maybe those extra 24cc are gonna make the difference? Its slated to be available in the 2002 line-up. Tell me what you all have heard about the new bike. Some pics are available at....

I think the RC450 is great! But its getting to the point where the rider is going to make the differnece on who wins the race! Im gonna stick with my 01' 426 cause all the bugs are worked out this year and i luv mine to death! The 450 will have its share of bugs too and it will take a couple years to get it to the 426's level of perfection! Just my 2 cents!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

why is it every time something outruns a 426 it has more displacement, as in the KTM 520 and now the RC450, kinda makes you wonder.

Norman K.

Beaumont, Tx

Hey teamtoxic,

I would not put too much weight in the fact that the honda 450 would "pull away from the 426 by about 1/2 a bike length in the straitaways".

You can't really compare the two, that bike Tortelli rode was not the production or even the preproduction model. And the bike they tested, PREPRODUCTION ?????? Look closely at the pics. It's a good indicator of what honda has in store for the thumper class. A better comparison would have been against Button's YZF. That would be more "apples to apples"

Just my $ 0.02



Truth be told, as far as workmanship goes, Yamaha doesn't even compare to a Honda.

Bugs worked out? What about the clutch baskets exploding, hubs self-destructing, frames cracking....... The 426 is a good bike that needs to go on a diet. Anyway, I can't wait till Honda comes out with a 4stroke MXer that doesn't weigh a ton.

Actually, the article said that the Honda (a one of a kind special, by the way) pulled the YZF by half a bike length a FEW times in a drag race. I take that to mean that the YZF smoked the Honda all the other times - pretty sad for a factory bike.

Tortelli was on the Honda, and for all I know, the Little Old Lady from Pasadena was on the YZF.

Yeah, there will ba a lot of mixed feelings about the bike until we can all throw our legs over one. Hopefully that day will be coming soon.

I also believe that the 426 is about 95% of the way to perfection. All it needs is to be around 230 pounds and hopefully this year, the clutch problems have been solved.

This bike is actually pre-pre production and I think Honda has more tinkering in store for the motor. As much I hate saying it, I think that by the time Honda starts producing them, it will be a better RACING bike than the 426 with it being a lot lighter and more nimble than the 426, along with a powerplant that will at least run with, maybe beat, the 426.

All this new competition, the KTM 520, the Honda CRF 450. Maybe we'll see Yamaha step up their displacement , again, in the next few years? But why do we even compare the 426 to the KTM 520? It has almost 100 more cc's. What's impressive about the KTM is that even the enduro version w/lights and electric start weighs less than the 426. But there is a KTM 400, why not compare it with that? The Cannondale is out of the question, it plain sucks. It could be that displacement is going to win over the four strokers. We'll just have to wait until we get all these new bikes out there.

~Just my 2 cents~

Don't get me wrong! I love my 426!

I think Yamaha will put an aluminum frame in the 426 next for the displacement bump i think i will happen too! remember how they made the YZ426's bore 426, because of the dodge hemi 426 engine? I think they will make it the YZ454F (sounds sweet) next year after the big block chevy! lol it could happen! I dont see why people would want more the 426 is already blazing fast and suits my aggressive riding style fine! Its coming to the point where the bikes are getting to fast to compete with 250 2 strokes and the AMA is going to outlaw 4 strokers in the 250 class! (probably all bikes over 399cc's lol)! Just my 2 centts!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

The new dirt rider is out and the news Honda 4 stroke well its the year 2000 folks almost 01 the yzf has been out for the buyer since 98 five years and honda's has its play pretty more compition for the yamaha's its gonna be great to roost on a Red four stroke that begins with a c instead of an x............ BiG BLUE Sully 00426

i talked to the yamaha dealer rep and he said there were going to be changes in the 02 426 big changes which might mean alum frame weight or who knows what else

i agree with motoman393, alluminum frame is definatly in store, though it wont be a twin spar frame, a la cr style. but more likely a frame similar to their steal/chromoly they run now, only alluminum. which will save about 10 lbs. i hope it happens. i think that displacement will go up soon. yz454f i can see it. i think honda needs to blow yamaha away though. id go for a displcement arund 475. so it will pull a 520 and a 426. and be able to rev. i applaud honda for stepping up instead of making a half a$$ed attempt at a disguised dumpy trail bike (cough Drz) i cant wait!!!!!

I'd hate to be in Honda's shoes all eyes will be on that bike. The bike has to be perfect the first time out or it will be drug through the mud sooooo bad, since it has to live up to the 426. We know it'll stop,and have great ergo's but if its lighter, and has more cc's and has a hyper revng motor like the 426, that will put the ball back in Yamaha's court, and things could get very interesting in our 4 stroke race future,,,,,, and we the racing public will be the winners. I never thought there would be a day I would have a choice of good 4 stroke MX bikes WoooooooooHooooooooo


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