Is a 2002 WR 426 a good bike?

I am looking at a 2002 WR 426 and I am trying to find out if this is a bike you would recommend. I ride nothing but trails. I found a clean 426 with YZ seat, tank, and fenders. It has fmf exhaust and comes with the stock wr plastics. Price is $1650. Does this sound like a good price? In doing searches and reading the threads looks like these bikes are hard to start. Thanks in advance.

I bought an '01 yz 426 last month and yes at first it's hard to start. Took me 2 f'n hrs to start. But once you got it down it's a piece of cake. I ride trails with my 426 and it's the best bike I ever owned.

great bikes

If you have a YZ seat and tank thats just gravy

Add a +03 yz cam and starting will get that much easier

I could start my '98 YZ400F, '99 WR400F, and '00 YZ426F in houseshoes. They are all good bikes.

Yep, just get the drill down and don't do anything different, and the bike will start in the first few kicks. But if I even look at the throttle the bike floods and won't start especially when hot.

I loved riding mine, I just have to get E-start because of a hip flexor injury. I can't walk for 2-3 days after kicking mine. If it had E-start I'd never get rid of it. I've got the same year, with many aftermarket parts, and was looking to get $1500-1800 for it.

I paid $1800 for my 01 WR426F that is in great condition so I would say $1650 is definitely a good price.

As for starting it, it took me a few minutes to get the hang of but it's no trouble at all now. The drill isn't much different than my CR500 was except for having to pull the comp. release and NOT hitting the gas on the 426.

The WRF is a great bike. Other bikes that have comprable power, weight, and suspension are the CRF and the KTM's LC4 bikes. Of all these bikes, the WRF is much cheaper (although parts are expensive). The bike can be stubborn some times, but when it's dialed in you will love it. I got mine a couple years ago for $2100 (plated), but plated dirt bike have high demand in Colorado, so it drives the price up.


Number 1: Starting - It took me an hour to start the bike the first time. Carb cleaning is manditory. Knowing the starting procedure is also manditory. Installing an auto decomp cam will greatly help. When you go look at it, make sure the engine is cold and have the owner start it. If he can start it in three kicks while cold, you will eventually learn to do the same. Once it's warm, starting is not a problem.

Number 2: Steering - if race sag is not set right, it will steer like a dump truck. Check this often.

Number 3: Bog - the AP circuit has some quality issues that can cause the bike to bog under hard acceleration. See the O-ring mod for a good cheap fix.

I purchased my 2002 this past September for $2000. It is in very good condition and well worth the price I paid. Sounds like a good deal. I have since made it street legal here in Colorado. It took me a little while to get used to starting it, but now I can start it in running shoes. Just have to learn the procedure. I did not want an electric start so I chose the 2002 Wr426 and am very happy with it.

I think my buddy bought the bike last Sunday that is mentioned above seeing that all the details match..Bike seems to be worth the money but has yet to be dirt proven as the weather has been rain so far this week..Not that we can't mud ride but we also have youngins that want to ride also...Thought it was funny what l_campionero said about starting it in his house shoes so after reading the tips and getting the nerve to try it no B.S. first kick after finding resistance and decomp 1 1/2 inches she fired right off with the one kick in my house shoes..Cant wait to see it in some real dirt action..

Is a 2002 WR 426 a good bike?

Two words "Hell Yes"! :-)

Thanks for all the replys. I ended up being real busy at work and did not get a chance to go look at the bike but after hearing all of the responses will be keeping an eye out for one.

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