A word from Bryan...

Attention all you ThumperTalkers!

I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been around much lately and haven't been keeping up the site as much as we'd all like. Here is my formal post of apology.

The truth is that I'm going through some life challenges that take much of my time and most of my energy. For starters, the big 'D' is imminent in my life. So I have to take much of my extra time to be sure my kids don't suffer through the painful but necessary transition. Second, my 5 year old contract is ending here in Denver and I'm actively seeking new employment as the end of the year approaches. This in addition to the recent passing of my 40'th birthday has made this a fall to remember.

Now before you start to feel sorry for me, keep in mind that I'm the kind of guy that counts all his assets and appreciates them. I know I'm in control of my life and take the credit and blame for that responsibility (yes I'm a republican not a whiney ass democrat that blames others for my problems). This has been a time of stress but I'm convinced it is short lived and I will be back on the right track in the coming months.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up TTalk, post pictures, add new bikes to the list etc. TTalk has taken a back door to my other daily doings. TTalk is reaching the limit of my ISP's space, file allocation and daily throughput so I'm struggling with decisions on it's future also. If I had the time, TTalk could be awesome and provide much more than it does. But remember, I am the sole time and financial contributor and I can only do so much.

I'd at least like to keep the existing forums up and running, add WR426 to the existing WR400 forum, add a WR/YZ250 forum and KTM400/520 forum, although these new forums would be pretty basic.

If anyone out there could provide help with creating some cgi scripts to automate picture posting, that would be a huge help too. That was my goal this fall that just didn't happen.

Right now my blue bike sits at the Jakesters just as it has since the awesome TTalk weekend in October. I haven't seen her in months. However, in the next month or so I hope to retrieve it and find it a new home (garage or storage unit) where I can work on it, change it's oil, lube it's rear, and ride it at a local motocross track. What better way to relieve life’s little bumps in the road?

So thanks all for being patient and happy holidays,


good luck with those life changes, been there myself. your kids are whats important, keep it up! and thank you for this outstanding website.

I hope you two can have an amicable split, Bryan. Seems that so many women want to torture the ex instead of getting on with their lives. Good luck.


Know what your going through as I went through the Big D a few yrs back. Women have a way of being cold hearted, that's why I dig riding my dirtbike more then ever!

BTW I dig the website, don't lose faith in in it, and riding. It will help you through the tough times. If you don't have a pet, get one, they are great for bringing a smile to your face.

Keep roosting on!,




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