What's it take to get an Oregon plate?

Can any of you Oregon guys tell me what it takes to license a WR for the street if it was purchased in Washington? I have a friend in Portland that I can use his address. I am just curious if the bike would have to be inspected. Washington wont let us convert them anymore. I should have just bought a bike in Oregon and I wouldn't have this problem.

Thanks in advance,



When I plated my WR450 back in January I just went to the DMV with my paperwork and asked for a plate. After convincing the counter girl that the bike was NOT an atv she gave me the plate, all registered legal and all for the princely sum of $50.00 for 4 years. Two friends just plated brand new DRZ 400s with no problems.. (the off-road models) The state wants the money and doesn't seem to care that the MSO reads that the bike is not legal for the street. All three of us have Trick Dual Sport kits on our bikes so they are legal now. I was told later by a DMV employee that they will sell you a plate and it is your responsibility to have it street legal.... You get the ticket, they don't. :)


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