Electirc start for the 650R?

I have been wondering, is there such a thing as an electric starter for the 650R? if so how much do they weigh and are they reliable? Just askin because the old fart (my dad) thinks my bike is too hard to start when he rides it and it would also be nice to just push a button when I stall in tight spots or on hills. Anyone have experience with electric starters? thanks in advance,

About a year ago i came to the same conclusion. I contacted a guy who makes e starts for the XR400. He was curious about the BRP as a future candidate for after market e button. If you go to his website at www.joeracerproducts.com, you will see that the XR650 e button is in development and 'available soon' - call him- he's a nice guy in the bay area and make us all jealous with the button.

Of course another option is to buy an Edelbrock carb- starts in 1 or 2 kicks anywhere anytime!

Try here

I like kickstarting my xr. It looks cool. :)

a word of caution. These guys Joe Racer products ripped me off preety badly and i would be real cautious with them

Joeracer wants $1099 for the e-start :) I thought dropping $400 was alot for a new carb. What everyone says about the EB quick silver is true. It used to hate starting that thing, even with the starting ritual. The EBQS is the best money I ever spent. Hell, half the time it won't stop running when I drop it. Mine stayed running upside down on a hill for 30 seconds once. Seriously call Barnums Pro and he will take care of you. Then you can laugh at all the posts about needles and stock carb problems, starting problems. They all go away.

I agree with Big Tom. Don't complicate things any more with all that electric start stuff. :)


EBQS self adjusts to altitude changes, has a fuel cell that allows it to run on its side, pumper gives instant hit, and 99% of the time will start with 1 or 2 kicks -even if you lay it down. No need for the e-start. Best place to buy one is at www.barnumspro.com

Ditto on the Qwiksilver :)

I just bought, installed and rode with the Edelbrock Quicksilver from Barnums Pro! And all I can say is I can kick start it Bare-footed now!

I mainly bought it to regain the low-end pick-up (what was lost from uncorking and free-flow exhaust) and I was extreemly happy with the results. All for less than half the price of an electric start and no added weight. I'd try that first! If it doesn't help I know you can sell it here b/c there are many that'd pay for a used Edelbrock and then you can buy your electric start kit but I doubt that if you put the edelbrock carb on you will ever want to take it off again! Just my opinion!



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