vent hose routing after install sub mount damper?

Where are you guys routing your hoses? I haven't found a good place since putting on my Scotts damper :ride:

What hose? The gas cap hose? Stuff it between the tank and the frame, or between the clutch cable and the frame. Doesn't really matter, as long as it's not flopping around.

I stick mine through a bracket on the left side.


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get a little stubbie vent hose

get a little stubbie vent hose

I tried 3 dirrefent brands of those stubbie vent caps and none of them worked for me. They all did not vent properly and ended up causing my bike to stall after about 30 seconds. I even pulled the one off my other bike that I knew was not defective and it still did not work on the wr450.

I use a longer hose and route it under the sub mounted damper

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