removing/bypassing accelerator pump????

Hey Guys,

Splint was telling me that removing/bypassing the accelerator pump apparently improves the bikes performance... Please explain....



All an accelerator pump does is add a squirt of fuel when the "vacuum" of the engine drops when you twist the throttle. (particularly 4 strokes) Ive never heard of it improving performance..All it will do is cause a "hiccup".. (lack of fuel for a momentary second till the rpm picks up during the throttle twist). It wont increase Velocity through the Carb, and if its to save weight..its maybe a 2 oz. Mechanism. I wouldnt touch it Honestly.. :)

Leave Her be.. Its there for a Real reason..


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also andrew from aus has a good thread with 60 replies. go back only a month for the last two.


I guess the only thing I can think of is maybe the actual drop in vacuum would cause a "self actuation" of the accelerator pump to enrich the mixture.Just how it would improve performance seems odd to me? :) I kinda thought Id Ponder..and not goto the site you mentioned. Would it really be worth all the hassle? Why not go fuel injection and do away with the Carb? Particularly since Fuel injection is superior to any carburetor anyway. Even the Cool FCR2 the Wr has, If I was wanting more power in the fuel delivery method, Id go Fuel injection first.

Just my opinion. :D

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