I would like your advice on tires.

I've been riding shinko's 540 Front and 520 rear until now.

Been very happy with it. Unfortunately, the guy who sells them regularly screws up my inner tube and scratches the rims.

The guy who sponsors my brother in roadracing is willing to give me the same deal as my brother on dirtbike tires, and he is the best in service. But he only sells the big brands.

Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli....

So I would like to know which tires you recommend for mud and intermediate terrain.

I have a Cross Country coming up this sunday so any help is welcome.


have you read the article by Steve Claus on the Michelin x11's?..It may seem far fetched, but you may want to give them a try. I am gettin a set this week to try, and I will post on my findings. with a x-country ride coming up for you..that would be the ultimate test!


"live well ride free" :)

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