Help ID this cable please

I've got a FCR39 on my DRZ400 that came from a YZ400F - I think a 1999 model.

It's the older slanted slide type(not the MX).

It's been a few years since I put it on and I can't remember if I used the cable that came on it or on I had laying around.

Long story short- it's bad now and I need a new one but don't know for sure what to buy.

Here is an album of the cable in question.

It's got a "bent" guide at the carboretor end in addition to the grip ends being bent like most are.

Do any of you guys recognize this cable? I need an exact year and model to order a new one. I looked at the fiche at Ron Ayers but they don't show if the carby end is bent.

Thanks for any help!


Looks like it's back to the drawing board then...

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