Anyone going to be out in Moab this weekend?

Just wondering. We'll be there Thur through Mon.

Waaaaaaaahhhhhh! I wont... :)

Was there this past weekend....ready to go back!! :)

Don't worry Larry, I'll send you the tape :) You did get my message on your cell didn't you?

Rockieman, How do you like that Revloc? Does it work well at Rampart? How bout the Mountains?


I've been a little disappointed in the Revloc....I bought it primarily because they said I would never stall my bike..... not the case. I've stalled it on numerous occasions.... We all know how easy they are to start after you stall. My other gripe is that occasionally I'll free wheel down a hill (lose the engine braking). Those are my two gripes and I suspect that these problems could be solved by adjusting the clutch...I haven't taken the time to mess with it. Other than that I do like the idea of not having :)to engage the clutch.


Just wondering. We'll be there Thur through Mon.

Give Chris "live_to_ride" a call 801-556-8082. He is going down this weekend as well. Have fun...............db :)

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