yz400 max rpm

Just bought a 98 400. Trying to gear it for TT. Anybody know the max rpm? Does it have a rev-limiter?



11,ooo for a 98 11,200 for a 99 thats on the limiter


I didn't knew the 98 had a lower limit on RPM, my 99 was cutting out at 11250 on the dyno, same with my 426 with stock ignition.

I've tried a FMF prototype ignition that was programmed for dirt tack and didn't have a limiter, it did rev to 12500 on the dyno with a modified motor, OS valves, stiffer springs, cam, porting, 13.5:1 comp.ratio. I did try that on my bike with not so good result for ice racing (too smooth in the midrange with stock comp ratio) but it would have been good for it's intended purpose: flat track.



Thanks Me.

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