Need advice on '06 YZ450

I am 200 pound guy, looking to by a bike, found a great price on a 06 yz250f, am i to big for this bike. I have been looking at the 450's, but the price is unbeatable, and VERY clean!!!!!

You'll have fun on the 250F for a while, then you'll probably get bored with it. First time bike owner I take it? Lots of good deals to be had right now if you are patient.

If your a first time bike owner and havent rode before i think you would be good starting off on the 250F. You may be a little on the big side but it would be good to get used the 250 first. What do you plan on doing with it.

If this will be your first bike and you're planning on taking it on tracks mostly, I would personally recommend a YZ250F. I bought a 2006 YZ450F late last year and use it mostly to rip around in ditches and all over the place. The bike is perfect for what I use it for and I looooove the power of it, but I feel very uncomfortable with it on the track (I've only ridden it on a track once so far) due to gearing (stock), weight, height and lack of experience.

You will have fun for 60 days and then be thinking "what if" and will buy a 450. Don't do it unless the deal is SO good that you can get your money back out of it when you are ready to move up in 60-90 days.

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