2001 YZ426, gearing?


How does 13/49 work out?

Or is 14/52 better?

They are pretty much essentially the same in the end

the 13t will be the cheaper option

13T is cheaper. Been running a 13/49 for about a year now, better trail manners, but still has good top end speed. Wouldn't go lower than a 13T though.

The general rule is 1 tooth on the counter shaft sprocket is equivalent to 3 on the rear sprocket. The difference between 13/49 and 14/52 is a longer chain and a few ounces of extra weight with the bigger sprockets. The difference between those two and stock is a loss of top speed, but more torque.

Thanks for the replies. I was looking at it from how it affects the suspension.

Looks like a 13t is the best choice. :ride:

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