wiring questions

Ive just bought a Yamaha yz426f it already has the sator kit on it but not sure what previous guy has done but there are a few wires that have been pulled out ill post pics soon just wondering if any one could tell me what they are for. Also how easy is it to fit a battery a 12v one and were could it go?

What stator kit? WR stator? Ricky Stator? Electrolux? Let us know. If it's a WR stator, at least the pink wire shouldbe capped and stowed...

Small battery fits in the air box (see Baja Designs...)

Not sure which make it is but has coloured tape at the end of every connection

Not sure which make it is but has coloured tape at the end of every connection

Most dirtbike conversions use a simple AC lighting coil. You probably have 3 wires exiting your stator, and there should be an additional yellow single wire (aux. lighting coil) exiting the stator housing that feeds the 12V AC power to run a headlight. You should also have a voltage regulator bolted somewhere on your frame.

Here is a link to my detailed method as to how I converted my KX500 over to 12V AC power. :


If you want the system to work utilizing a battery, now you have to have a 12V DC type system. This requires a voltage regulator/rectifier, and slightly different wiring.

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