WR400F 2000 aftermarket Exhaust


Sorry if this question is too repeated, but I couldn't find the specific point that I am looking for.

I have a WR400F '00 with the stock pipe and exhaust (that horrible heavy and black iron). The point is that I like this only because is very noiseless, but is too heavy.

I am looking for and aftermarket muffler that can be silent and light at once, don't care about power gain and esthetic. I can't find one.

Always when you change muffler needs rejetting?

The other question is about FMF bomb header pipe. This is lighter than the stock one? This FMF curve also blocks the oil filter cover like the stock one?

Thanks for your answer.

I have a 2000 WR400 and was running a FMF Q and just went to a FMF Q4 and love it. I did rejet on the initial Q. Have you held the stock header? It weighs zero so weight is not an issue.

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Thanks for your answer, really. So you mean that you didn't need to reject with FMF Q4? Is this one noiseless? Is lighter than the stock one?

What the differences that you notice between Q and Q4?

About the stock header, I asked for an aftermarket because the stock blocks the oil filter cover and I have to remove the pipe when I change oil. I don't know if there an aftermarket wiht another curve, that doesn't block the oil filter cover.


I meant Rejet, The original jetting I did for the Q1 was fine for the Q4. It is so much lighter than that stock muffler it is not even funny. I am not sure they make the earlier Q's anymore and the Q4 is legal for the USFS, under 96 DBs I think.

I dont have a problem changing the oil.

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