how to put the front tire on staight

It seems every time i crash the front end gets all out of alignment, I took the wheel off and tried staighting it but the only way i could get it failry straight is to undue all the pinch bolts holding the forks and then move the tire. what i usally do when putting the tire on is first tighten the axle bolt then turn the wheel and pull in the front brake and then comprese the front forks then tighten the axle pinch bolts but the wheel never seems to be straight. Is it the forks twisting that happens when you crash and is there any way to fix this. And what is the best way to make sure the front tire is straight.

The easiest way to ensure that the wheel is straight when you install it is to loosted all 4 pinch bolts and slightly drive a flat tip screwdriver between the space on the left fork (Gently) make sure the axle is loose and gently tighten the axle nut until the axle just begins to turn. spin the wheel a couple of times and lock the brake. next tighten the pinch bolts to 14 ft lbs and then the axle nut to 75 Ft Lbs. (It's much easier to get it perfect if you have the Ty Davis Alxe Hex Extenter installed on the L/S of the Axle...This way you can hold the L/S of the axle with a 19mm wrench and tork the nut down without putting any pressure on the fork legs....and it's cheap) anyway once you have torqued the nut you should be straight and the axle not in a bind. Keep in mind that if there is a binding pressure on the axle and you take a good smack on the front end...That's more than likely the direction it's going to go. Out on the trail you can find a tree and give the tire a wack in the oppisite direction to get it straight enough to get home on.

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze is on the mark for set up. For recovery on the trail, I've loosened the pinch bolts on the triple clamps and used the tree to straighten the wheel or give it a surgical kick with your boot. After that, it's an endwrench with a guess torque. Too tight binds the cartridge in the fork, too loose and its out of alignment again. Once your get home you can go through the ykz setup he describes. It's a good idea to use your bike pack tools to feel the torque when you are at home with the torque wrench to set it. It gives you an idea of how tight you can go.

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