What exactly will a yz cam do for my wr 450?

I miss the powerband of my yz 426. Although it doesn't tire me out as much, the wr powerband is kinda boring. No hit at all that I can feel. I am wondering how my wr will compare to my yz if I change exhaust cams. Is the intake cam the same? What about aftermarket cams? Are there any that give significant gains without sacrificing ALL of the bottom end? I don't want to make it unable to climb steep hills though. My yz was still very good at that, but still had better top end. Are the aftermarket cams sold as a pair, or just the exhaust or intake cam? Does the yz cam make more peak hp? thanks


I had the YZ450 cam in my WR450 for about a month and hated the loss in bottom end. But wow did it rev and pull hard from midrange up. My ideal bike would be variable timing so I could have it all. Too much wheelspin in the woods for anyone less than a top B rider. I keep hearing about guys jetting the bottom end back in but that is bull. They just got used to the weaker bottom end and when they made some improvement they tought it was all back. I say bull WR timing is fantastic on the 450, and it is sneaky fast. :)

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