F3 Lowboy pegs on 2010 450. Not working

I did a search so before you tell that i did and most threads i found are having the exact opposite problem I am. I was reading a post on a guy with a 08 yz 450 with the lower pegs. He said the bolt under the peg that creates the angle of the peg to be up or down or even flush was hitting his frame/peg brackets and they would not sit flat but at an angle going up.

I put the pegs on testing it and that little bolt (FKMS (Fast Kamber Mounting System) allows you to adjust the upward and downward tilt of the pegs.)

is not long enough. My pegs are dropped way down and the bolt is very short and does not hit my frame until the pegs are basically angle down which is unrideable. I now went and looked on there site and they say from 06-09 (im sure 10' also) you have to buy the low boy brackets.


But when I did the search i read that getting the stock peg brackets off are IMPOSSIBLE that even with a impact gun they will not budge.

So my next question is what pegs are lower than stock that can just bolt on without all these problems. Im taking these back tomorrow but im used to lowboy pegs. Is there any other option other than the Fastway pegs?

Protaper platform footpegs with the -5mm cleats. They use the stock bracket and work on the '10.

I took these off once on my WR. I had to use a cheater bar about 6' long if I recall and it was a torx bit if I recall as well.

I hope I can get them off on the '10 YZ because I just ordered the F3 pegs and brackets about 10 minutes ago!!

Thx on the PTaper tip.

I just replaced the little bolts with regular long ones and cut the 8mm head off of them. I then saw a groove in the end to act as a flathead screwdriver head and loctited them in there. I hope this makes sense and it's a lot cheaper then the kit...

But when I did the search i read that getting the stock peg brackets off are IMPOSSIBLE that even with a impact gun they will not budge...
Those Torx screws are installed with a high-strength loc-tite. I've heard an impact and heat are what it takes to get 'em loose.

P.S. Thanks for the pro moto billet link! :thumbsup:

Nobody makes a footpeg lowing kit yet. I called system tech racing (STR) and they said they might not even make one because it's a first year bike and the demand is low. I'm running the protapers with the lower cleats. They feel pretty good but I still need more room. I'm gonna send my seat to SDG to get raised. Right now that's about the only option for a taller seat.

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