Got a 08 Wr450.. Couple questions- Key & JD

Just picked up an 08 Wr450 and have been doing a little research .

I am going to License it for the road and wondered what you guys do for

a key? Can a key be added or hidden kill switch.. too many thieves out there.

2. Jetting... is the JD kit the only way to go on jetting? I am having a hell of a time starting and keeping it running.

I am at 4500' and ride 4500 to 9000 and pretty sure I need to rejet since this bike just came form Los Angeles to SLC- Utah Area.

opinions appreciated and other suggetions appreciated. Seems like a perfect ride after being on a Honda 650r for a few years.

This web site has helped me out imensly, thanks to all. How frustrating getting a new bike and it not running as expected. Been there:banghead: however this site has been great!!!:thumbsup::ride:

Regarding the Key, I do not have first hand knowledge about this in the north woods of WI but one suggestion is to just by a paddle lock and run it through the break roter like the Harley owners do. Cheaper and it works.

Jetting, these bikes are so restricted because of the Green sticker that re-jetting is a must, to get them started, Idling, running and performing correctly. your frustration will subside once done.

three options to consider:

Call or drop an email to JD and tell them what your elevation is, they will give you the correct input, and then sell them to you.

Read the the sticky Performance index page and see what they are running at your elevations I use the sticky all the time.

Yamaha sells the GYTR WR AIS Removal Kit

It comes with all you need to de-restrict your WR, new jets and throttle screw and great directions. it costs $46.00 and can get it from ThumperTalk. :thumbsup:This is what i have done, however based on your elevation, you might want to run a leaner main and pilot jet.

Let us know how it turns out.

See you on the trails

I'm running 45, 165 jetting and seems to work well here. I'm dual sported as well, but I usually only connect trails.

For a key try, I got one that plugs right in to my KTM and I think they make one for Yamaha.

I am interested in the key thing as well. I'm worried about putting on a wheel lock and having them still try and take it and break the bike

just tap into the kill switch line and run a toggle to inside the airbox or somewhere hidden

I use a disc brake lock

A 158 main for 5,000 feet is right on. A 155 at 7-8,000.

Those bikes are not finicky. They will run ok with the main jet 3 sizes off. They just run BETTER with it right on. A jet is $6.

Buy a kit if you want, but these forums have all the info you need to jet them accurately.

Have heard of people putting TTR key/switch on WR's. I have on 07 and plan on trying it.

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