Desert Tours in the new Dirt Rider!

Went out to the mailbox last night, and lo and behold the new Dirt Rider with TWO articles that piqued my interest right away! (you know the feeling when they do a test on a new dirtbike that you recently purchased!). It was a brief 15 most commonly asked questions about the new Titanium valve 01-426. And yes the bike does rev more and quicker and gone is the brief hiccup off idle that plagued the 00 model. They also raved about the new Floating Nissan front brake and how much fun the bike is to ride. Now if I could just learn to start it consistently.. LOL

There is also a killer article about Steve Hatch's Desert Tours that help describe the beautiful Arizona desert. All you gotta do is show up (oh and pay $900.00) he supplies the gear, bike and transportation. On the first day they had a morning ride, rode up to a western style restaurant in CaveCreek for lunch and then got in cars (with their gear on) and drove to the Cave Creek airport and boarded a private jet that took them just below the Grand Canyon where they continued the ride! Destry Abbott (aka Dusty Rabbit) was amongst them as was Steve's wife (what a knockout, damn she looks good in her riding gear!). :)

Jeez why can't I be so lucky? Anyway if you come out to AZ, I won't even charge you to ride on the infamous "Death Trail"

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