Shaving Seat Foam

Just wondering if anyone has shaved their seat foam to get a lower seat height. I am trying to get my wife's 400 to be a little easier for her to touch the ground. Anytime I have ever tried to cut foam, (not seat foam) all it did was tear. I am looking to find out what others have used to cut the foam nice and neat. And how much did they take off of the seat.

Thanks for any tips.

I took mine to an upholstery shop. They did a nice job and remounted the cover. $35.00

I've "heard" of people using an electric kitchen knife. I have never tried this myself. Good luck.



a work in progress :)

Rigger, the guys that have had best success use an electric knife with a serrated blade. They tell me it works great. To put a final finish on the foam use a coarse sandpaper on a 2 x 4 of 40 grit or less to smooth it. If you don't do that you can always buy the cloth covered 5/8" foam at the upholstery shop. Spray a high tack adhesive on the foam and on the foam side (cloth side up to resist the seat cover abrasion) of the sheet foam. Stretch it over nice and tight and trim the edges. I have done this and it works very well.

Have heard this also. For me it doesn't matter how much seat foam I remove, it ain't enough.

Thanks for the tips guys. Guess that I am going to have to give it a try. Or maybe I can glue some 2" thick wooden blocks to the bottom of my wifes's boots. :)

For those of you that shaved their seats, where did you cut it out? I am thinking of rounding off the sides and only taking a little off of the top. Try and make it a little narrower, maybe that will make it a little easier to touch.

Thanks again for the tips.

I don't have an electric knife, but I have used a bread knife. It works OK, not great.

Paul Streter

I used a 12" hacksaw blade, which worked pretty well. I first tried low & flat, but that wasn't comfortable, and it made it harder to move to the back of the seat. I put some foam back in the center, which still left it a little lower and much thinner at the top. That's the best combination for me. (Adding the pumper carb was still the best improvement because the bike stalls less, I don't have to start it as much)


I tried a hacksaw blade and a bread knife but to go against what most are saying I used a SHARP fillet knife, and it workd great. Fillet that seat like a fish. I didnt round the edges on my wifes bike as much as I should have. Narrowing it like you said is a good thought.

I cut small grovves across the seat down to a predetermined depth and then "filleted" of 4 " sections.


Take it down to Grady's right off of Dorchester. They did all the seats for Champion and I had them cut a BMW seat onetime and they did an awesome job. They're one of the best shops in Charleston.


Hey Kevin, Maybe I will look them up and take it to them. I still may shave it myself just to see how bad I can mess it up. :) I was thinking of using a high speed orbital sander and lightly sand it down and round off the seat a little at a time until it feels right.

Thanks for the tip, I will give Grady's a call.

Just curious, but is the race sag set up properly on her bike. Bar none, that was the biggest improvement as to making my 400 low to the point I can touch (I'm 5'5"). The bike actually sinks when you pick it up off the kickstand. Stock off-the floor new bikes are insanely terribly set up. I did shave off foam as well (w/ a fillet knife) right at the base of the tank where it bends to flat, and blended the cut towards the back. It's in that spot your body spends 95% of the time when you're not standing up and where the foam is thickest. Barring a low-side dump, I'm confident about touching down anywhere.

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