Punctured side cover

My buddy and I were out riding last weekend and he took a good spill. The shifer on his WR400 nailed a rock and it bent into the case leaving a small (bleeding) :) puncture wound about the size of the head of a pin. My question is, has this happend to anyone else? Does anyone have any recommendations on repairing this small hole?


You will probably get five or six answers with sugestions to use this or that compound but let me be the first to say use the old reliable JB WELD. Its a two part epoxy you can get at any auto parts store and has fixed millons of small and large punctures. Follow directions and get a good clean surface and it will never leak.

Lay the bike down on the clutch side....mix up some JB Weld and smear it on. I've repaired mine on both sides...ignition and clutch side. The bizzare part is I was riding Moab this past weekend (Pritchett Canyon) and my buddy launched his XR400 up a steep nasty section and the bike came down with the same results. He wasn't so fortunate..... his shifter punched a hole the size of your thumb through his side cover. Luckily we were just a couple hundred yards from the trailhead and a four wheeler was with us.

Good luck!

Moose makes a product called Liquid Steel. It's a putty compound that you just knead together with your hands and then form over the hole. It's not messy and it's something you can pack with you in your fanny pack. My buddy punched a hole in his XR400 clutch cover while at Moab back in March. We pulled the cover and used the liquid steel right there on the trail. Had him back and going about an hour later. It's still going strong...

jb weld is the answer a rock puncted my side cover, i tried seeing if any body would or could weld it but nobody would touch it. i just took the cover off and cleaned and sanded both sides real good and put some jb weld and its been on there for two years and still holding strong. :)

That JB weld sounds good. Thanks for the help.

Marine Tex is harder and has better adhesion than jb weld. But the jb will probably work for that.

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