What caused this [pics of broken casing incl.]

Could have been from a broken connecting rod breaking through. It broke weird though, translate the description. Don't buy it.

The owner doesn´t know.

I´d just buy it for parts..


I don't think he woke up one morning and found it that way, lol. Its most likely a broken rod. That means the valves, piston, cylinder, crank, cases, and possibly clutch basket and cylinder head are no good. If its really cheap it and you could use or turn a profit on the chassis parts, go for it. I just wouldn't plan on fixing the engine.

at that price its worth it for the red wheels and clamps. You could part out the rest and make your money back.

I'm guessing a side impact to the engine mount in the image. The engine mount looks a little pushed in to me. I'm no professional, but the damage doesn't look like it was done from the inside out. If it were, the broken piece would be bent outward from the impact

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more blabbering.
it broke weird though, translate the description. Don't buy it.


Or buy it knowing you will have to put a different motor in it or replace the lower end at least.

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