03 wr450 timing?

Hi, I'm looking for info on hoe to change my wr timing to yz timing. I've seen posts in the past on this subject. I did a search but nothing turned up. Can someone direct me to a post on this or where I can get the info.


i believe you need to do the grey wire mod which changes the map to a yz map, i did it on my 450 but tbh did not notice a differece (could probably do with an aftermarket exhaust)

heres the link on what to do:

not sure how you searched and missed, this has been a hot topic since the '98 WR came out. On the pre-'03 you could re-time the exhaust cam by rotating the cam one tooth.

On '03 and later the best way is to swap the cam for YZ. '03 and later have auto decompression build into the cam. The timing for the auto compression changes if you re-time the cam. Others have written about this; some say you can retime the cam and still kick start, others say can't e-start or kick start.

Good news is if you decide to go to YZ timing you will be able to use the timing marks normally vs. having to "eye it up" on the early models.

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