Dual Sport KTM 250 sxf

Hi I am wanting to dual sport my 2007 ktm 250sxf in Idaho. It will be used for slowing city riding to get to school. Is it possible and what all do I need. I was looking for a stator but cant find one. Will the xc of the same size work as they are mostly the same bike. Also what lighting kits brands do you recommend. Any help would be great.

sell it and buy a EXC. cheaper and easier. Im sure kelly will be along shorty to sum it all up for as he is the KTM guy on here.

I don't want a exc as I moto most of my off-road time. I have found a stator that puts out enough for a dual sport light and for everything I need it will be about 550. Thats not to bad as we are selling a piece of crap car for 400 to pay for most of the conversion. My other question is any ideas how hard it will be to ride in on the rode. I would not think it would be to hard on it as you will be going at about 1/2 the rpms and at a constant rate as opposed it on and off all the time.

Plus DOT tires is 650 plus all the BS you have to go through to get the MSO to get the title. Having the bike weighed, inspected etc etc. EXCs also have a counter balance on the crank shaft to help balance the engine for sustained street use. Again I live in hawaii and there is alot of dual sports and dirt bikes on the road. I am only speking from helping a buddy street legal his 250x. It may be different in Utah and for your sake I hope it is.

Can it be done? Yes

Is it worth the price of admission? Well thats a personal opinion and mine is No.

Your money your bike. Good luck and let us know how that close ratio tranny works on the street.

ha I live in Idaho. People street legal there utility four wheelers here. I don't have to put on dot tires and don't plan on it. Also all the weighing and stuff is crazy. I bet I can go get a license plate for it today in its motocross setup and they would give it to me.

In Idaho all you NEED to have on it is a plate and mirrors if you are using during the day. Signals and lights are only required at night.

Man, look into the Kawasaki Super Sherpa. Love mine, and use mine for the same purposes. She handles great offroad and goes 80 MPH. Advertised is only 63 miles per gallon, but I calculated mine gets 75. Comes with a really bright headlight (brighter than most car's), tail light, license plate mount, signals, horn, digital speedometer with dual trip meters and a clock (very very nice), passenger pegs and grab-handles; all factory. Not to mention the magic button, aka electric start, it's always nice.

Ya man look into it, they are hard to find used, but generally the owner of a Super Sherpa takes care of his toys. It'll be cheaper than a KTM too, I believe.

ha I live in Idaho. People street legal there utility four wheelers here. I don't have to put on dot tires and don't plan on it. Also all the weighing and stuff is crazy. I bet I can go get a license plate for it today in its motocross setup and they would give it to me.

In Idaho all you NEED to have on it is a plate and mirrors if you are using during the day. Signals and lights are only required at night.

You know I find it hard to believe you can plate a bike with no lights. Also if you dont need light *** do you need the stator for in your first post? go put a plate on it be done with it.

You cant "legally" do that.


Im not saying I dont bend the laws sometimes but man a Headlight is pretty god damn important. Signals not so much or even a mirror or tires. Most the year I run non DOT tires. Unfortunatly for me I have annual inspections.

The sherpa mentioned would be the Ideal bike for what you mention or even a DR200 or something.

If you have to ride it check ricky stator or look into maybe rewinding yours. Also Check Trail Tech and Baja Designs. Im pretty sure the XCFW stator will fit your bike.

Either way good luck and I hope it all works out for you.

No you do not need a headlight for day use. Why would a headlight be so important during the day.

I sorry I did not make it clear but I do not want another bike. I use my bike MOSTLY for motocross and I just want to dual sport it during the week to get to collage and back.

Also even though I don't have to have lights I still want them. I'm not quite sure about the xcfw but they are MOSTLY the same bike. I did however find one though moose racing that puts out 60 watts on the lighting part plus the normal ignition.


I sorry I did not make it clear but I do not want another bike.

I'm sorry motoxrider, I misread your thread. I thought you were looking for a KTM 250, and didn't already own one.

Regardless, they have some sweet dualsport conversions out there for almost any bike.

A mx bike works as a dual sport about as well as a dual sport works as a moto cross bike.

A mx bike works as a dual sport about as well as a dual sport works as a moto cross bike.

I very much disagree. I worked on a 30,000 acre ranch in Oregon and rode my bike the 5 miles to and from work everyday and it worked fine. Being on a large ranch I did not need it road legal.

So riding the 6 miles to school will be no different. On the other hand most DUAL SPORT bikes are under suspended and powered for motocross use. Meaning you get a rough ride and are way behind and tired because the extra weight.

On the other hand if I was going 30 miles a day at 60 plus mph you would be correct.

I do find it funny that when someone ask a question on these forums many people completely change the topic. I ask what I needed for my bike and got a lot of post about buying a different bike and how terrible my bike would be. Not much on what I needed for my bike.

If all the forums I used were this helpful there would be not point in asking any questions. I really wasn't trying to start anything I just wanted to know what I would need to get my motocross street legal as the situation has arose where it is possible.:thumbsup:

You define DS for your own needs, don't get caught up in what a DS bike is. Everyone has a different definition. If you can plate it, why not? Keep the RPMs low by short shifting or swap on a +1 CS sprox. You know tires burn up quick on tar, but it'll do it. Keep an eye on compression as the 250f rings/pistons have a pretty definitive life span.

Gearing, jetting a coolant catch tank/fan aint a bad idea...You might want to try a D606 rear/D908 front. We just intalled that combo on my kids WRr, I have the 908R front on my SE950, tough tire & works OK too. The 606 isn't far from a full on dirt tire but will last longer. Sttel rear sprocket & X ring will last a long time too, if/when you need em.

If you aren't racing hard core, those tires will work fine for most off road/playing around.:thumbsup:

I plan on changing the gearing and and hopefully picking up some super moto wheels off eBay. If not than a stock set and put some good street tires on it. As for the rings I agree they do wear but as for how long it takes I don't know. My last bike a 2005 kxf 250f had 150 hours WITH ON HOUR METER so I know its accurate and had good compression when I sold it. I replaced the rings anyways and found nominal wearing on the cylinder and the rings and both were def in spec and that bike was mostly used on a track or for races. Of course I short shift a lot and try to keep the rpms down and have NEVER hit the rev limiter. But I suppose every bike is different but I really don't see how a bike that is manufactured with MUCH higher quality materials and MUCH tighter tolerances wont last as long or much longer that a air cooled bike that is not nearly as high quality if you take care of it. Of course many of the people who say these things are NOT engineers and they are the guys at the track who bonce off the rev limiter 5 times a lap and never shift up so that might explain it.

And I def agree that everyone has there own idea of DS and that changes the variables quit a bit. But for what I want to use it for I KNOW it will work fine because I have already used it this way before only now I have to have it street legal as I will be in town.

Thanks to all the helped and when it is finished I will show pics.

So whats the legal requirements for the State of Idaho?--at first,it sounded like nothing was required;headlight,turn signals etc,but on your last post you say"I have to have it street legal"? hmmm.Headlight(s) are a good thing,they help other drivers see you!.

Super Sherpa(Montana)---how's the valve adjustments on that Sherpa?---are they a PIA?;just curious!.

From what I found all that is REQUIRED by the state is a plate, and mirror. After that you only need a headlight, tail light and blinkers after dark. I'm not sure about the horn but the are cheap and would make it safer.

I want everything to make it street legal all the time and I hate using hand signals so that's out.

I think that keeping the air filter clean & not allowing dirt in is the biggest key to long ring, piston & valve life. Street riding is far easier on the engine than trail or track. BTW, a cheapo set of street biased tires, like Kendas, will make it turn well beyond what would be considered prudent on the street.

Have fun, thats what its for!:thumbsup:

well, I can tell that you don't really understand what the DMV will do FOR you vs. what the cops will do TO you. The DMV will allow just about anything on the road in this state, as is evident from all the plated UTVs and ATVs. Hell, they'll even road-plate a 2-stroke. However, if you're riding down the hwy and "The Man" sees you on an MX bike without lights........you will get ticketed.

The DMVs position is that it is up to the owner to be sure he is satisfying all of the regulations. That means you need to do your homework. Seeing how I'm a college grad, and cheating doesn't apply to me anymore, I'll let you copy off my paper :thumbsup:. What is required is a hi/low beam head light, horn, tail and brake light, mirror and DOT tires. Turn signals are NOT required. Barney in the patrol car will probably not be familiar with all of the regulations, but you can bet dollars to doughnuts that the motorcycle cops will. If you are riding anywhere near campus, the bicycle cops will get you, too. Its up to you to decide what you are willing to do to your bike, but I'm warning you, you better do it right.

As for me, I built my own DS kit, and its been working flawless for the last 1.5 years. If your curious, do a search. Good Luck!

I plan on getting everything that is needed for safety. They only thing I wont have now is DOT tires but I don't think that will be a problem. And I know this is going to make me sound like an ass but if you think I would stop for a bicycle cop I dont think so. BTW are you in southern Idaho or northern. The southern part of Idaho is completely diff IMO than the north. Why, because those same cops that pull you over are the ones riding with you on the weekend. I'm not trying to be stupid about this and safety first because I know how all of those out of state collage students drive. Not saying people from Idaho drive good but they usually can tell when the roads slick and have their eyes on the road part of the time.

I'm in the same neck of the woods as you, my friend. And if you think that you can outrun the wire, you're dead wrong. Most cagers hate motorcyclists, especially dirtbikes with loud exhausts (mine included). I've seen pedestrians and cagers assisting in several stops, and my buddy was ticketed last summer on his 450X in Meridian. But you go right ahead, if that is your plan. By the way, are you even licensed?

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be your enemy. I would love it if I were to get harassed LESS often. If you're trying to save a buck, I can understand that. But, if you're just trying to buck the system because you don't care for it, or you think its wrong, then you're not helping the cause......just making it worse.

If you want help setting up your ride correctly, I'm more than willing to help out. Hell, I'll show you exactly how I built my system and help you build your own.

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