Full Rebuild on 06YZ450F after 246hrs with photos

After I finally got to break my bike in, every thing went smooth, I decided to swap the stock cams for a new set of stage 1 Hot cams which I happen to come across for $140. There is nothing like riding a bike with a fresh motor and noticing that extra power that you had lost without noticing it. Now it's time to tear into the suspension next and do a fluid change. I will then get her ready for the V.C.G.P..

Thanks for the great write up and your time and effort towards that. Any possibility you could do the same with your suspension work?

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How much diff. did the cams make?

I will then get her ready for the V.C.G.P..

Are you#27 this year? I had #44 last year, helped alot on the bottlenecks! Looks like your bike is set to go with the skidplate, tank etc. Hope you have heavy duty tubes for the rocks.

I second the suspension rebuild request for nice photo tutorial.

Great job on the motor!

I would like to see a step by step rear shock rebuild. I have yet to find a picture or video tutorial on how to rebuild a modern kyb rear shock.

I like the engine stand. Sure beats working on the bench with the motor sliding around.

+1 on that where is the build thread on that :smirk:

Thread is over a year old....

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