WR426: James Now assessment

Hi All,

The following is my subjective assessment of installing a James Now/Power Now to a WR426, YZ timing, BK Mod, ELN needle, standard Aus/Can/UK exhaust. My version of the James Now was made of 0.6mm polished brass, and the plate extended to within 3mm of carb. Slide, and 10mm beyond the intake bell towards the airbox. It was placed at half throttle position.

The changes in order of degree of manifestation:

- Improved off idle response

- Improved low speed response up to ½ throttle

- Improved stall resistance.

No identifiable loss of power at wide throttle/high revs.

This mod, made the greatest change to the bike c.f. std. The bike will pull a higher gear easily under most situations, and the device reclaims more than the low speed torque lost when changing from WR to YZ timing, presumably better cylinder filling at low revs. It is now like an XR600 down low.

This translates to more control in very slippery conditions, where a higher gear can be used to load the engine and torque it along with max traction., and avoiding it spinning up. Certainly 4th gear can provide a far wider band of use/acceleration in slippery conditions.

This mod in conjunction with the YZ timing makes for a very responsive engine with excellent low speed torque characteristics. Translation: more fun for effectively no $.

Thanks James et al. and trust the above is of use in decision making.


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