Can someone tell me if I can bolt a Wr400/426 pipe straight onto a WR450 or are the mounting points and header dimensions different.

I'm looking at upgrading and would like to keep my "BILL'S" pipe if it will swap straight over.

thanks :)

Everything fits and bolts up with one exception - the pipe mount right behind the clamp doesn't line up with the subframe mounting tab. Nothing a welder can't fix

if the subframe bolt hole was sloted like it is on the 426's it would bolt right onto the 450. i got a yz 450 pipe on my wr 450 and it was a perfect fit.

Got a welder? I put a YZ 250 f pipe on my 450. The rear mounting hole on the can lines up and the pipe where it meets the header needs to be bigger. The welder part is for the subframe mount. Cut the mount off the pipe and move it forward about a 1/2 inch and reweld. This pipe gives the 450 more power while being very smooth, plus it weighs 3lbs less than stock.

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