Street Tire Suggestions and Why????

Needing new tires for my 1600 Meanstreak. Three tire options I have narrowed to are....Avon Ultra II (new AV55/56) , Dunlop Roadsmart (took over for the factory D220 that came on bike) and the Metzler ME880. I am leaning towards the Avon's. I like the pattern and I want something semi performance but also cruise-able. It is not a full dress heavy machine...maybe 750 lbs. so load capacity is not really an issue. Any advice or help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks, Keith

I run Avon AV55/56 on Kaw z1000, mostly sport touring, and high speed distance riding. Enough grip for me (0"-1/4" chicken strips) and about 9000k rear and 16000k front, double stock mileage. these are AV55/56 Storms ST's.

Thanks...I have been leaning towards those. The Avon ST Ultra 2 are a new version of the AV55/56 and look to have the same tread pattern. Did you find the Storms slick at all or are they a firm compound? Thanks again, Keith

They aren't a sport bike tire but pretty good. Not familiar with the Meanstreak, but if it's a cruiser I think you'll have other problems before the tires let go. Except maybe doing burnouts!

Thanks Flagstaff

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