Stock VS. Aftermarket

I'm sure there's a thread on here somewhere but I figured it'd be easier just to do this.

What's everybody's opinion on the stock pipe vs. FMF or Pro Circuit on a 250 set up for XC and Enduro?

Changes in the powerband or overall power?

Silencer choice too.

The stock pipe works great, use it until it's thrashed.

I always use TC2 silencers.

The stock pipe works great, use it until it's thrashed.

This seems to be the consensus. I have a stocker on my 200 and the bike flat rips; I never wonder about needing something else.

yep, I like the stock stuff. use the stock silencer till I need an SA, stock silencer till it's crushed.

your money is better spent and you get a better bang for the buck with head and jug mods.

I heard the stock pipes are built by FMF....

I heard the stock pipes are built by FMF....

No they are not, but the KTM hardparts pipes are.

I like the stock pipe real well, but I think the PC Platinum 2 is a little better. It has a very similar power curve, but gives a little more umph on the bottom end. It's also more durable than the stocker.

I agree the stock pipe is good the only neg thing about it is it's a little easy to dent/crush if you drop your bike a lot. I think the weakest part of the setup power wise is the silencer, mine goes noticeably better with a PC 304 (non shorty version) i don't require a SA for my silencer though so it may not suit other apps.

i got a FMF turbinecore 2 and it made my bike perform and sound much better.

When i had my stock pipe on i had the bike tuned perfectly. it would idle low and pick right up.

But when i put my new silencer on and started the bike the idle revved way up, indicating that much more air flow.

No jetting changes needed, just a screw driver to change the idle and air back to your liking.

Stock pipes are cheap on ebay also. I keep a spare in my camper trailer so I dont ruin a good campin/ridding trip.

In my 2010 250 xc-w i run enduro and have a FMF Gnarly with a FMF Six Days silencer.

There in the states i see alot of Gnarly with Shorty silencer.

I am pretty happy with my setup and i need a bigger silencer for the noise test´s of the Enduro events..

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