So you think you're a good trail rider?

Check this video. These guys have stones the size of bowling balls.

Check this video. These guys have stones the size of bowling balls.


Nice riding, I gues they just pretend that there is no cliff there...

Imagine not being able to restart and having to push the bike the rest of the way?:thumbsup:

Holy s%#@ yea they are a little nuts. I guess having the right suspension setup on their bikes is very important.....

Holy s%#@ yea they are a little nuts

That's a bit of an understatement. Damm I don't think I could walk that trail without falling to my death.:thumbsup::shocked::ride:

Imagine not being able to restart and having to push the bike the rest of the way?:thumbsup:

Hello Progressive ... yeah, um, the thing is ... I'm gonna need a new bike. My last one fell off a cliff.

wow, im speechless, I guess its just mind over matter but like the earlier post said above, Id be freaked out to just WALK the damn trail, gotta give it up for those crazy ass Germans!!:thumbsup:

I love the part where the one guy says " I dunt Vantobe Fallen duwnder Hillen"

and the other guy says " Shuduppen unt getter goin, yer Chukuhn Shutten".

I can't remember whose sig line i read it in but its true

"I suck at playin dirtbike."

I would ride that trail If I had a chance. We have one similar here. Except the cliff is about 10 feet high the trail is about 3 feet wide and no where near as many rocks and its about 2 miles long. Ok Ok Ok maybe its nothing like that but you get the idea.

Man that was nuts!! Im watched it 3 times!! Looks like an old XR int the back.

Crazy stuff

Stupid intraweb! Double post

Looks like the single track side hill I rode last weekend. about a 30 foot drop to the left. not so many rocks, but lots of roots and just after it rained. about a mile long and slightly up hill. This was my 1st ride in 6 months right after my 60th birthday. was invited to ride with some local legends and was warned before hand it was mostly A and AA terrain. My E bike got me thru it but 3 miles later fouled a plug and bad gas put me out and had to be towed in. I heard later that the ride was mostly more of the same with near impossible hill climbs/ down hills, tree busters, switchbacks etc with nowhere to rest. I think the bike did me a favor by crapping out. Think Ill get a little more practice before going with those guys again.:thumbsup:

Yeah, I would've bounced my bike over the edge in the first 20ft.

That is an average day of trail riding where I come from. Once you do it a couple times the fear factor is gone. You just have to know that is not the section of trail to test your limits. That is the funny thing about riding is that guys will say that shit is nuts but go ride in the same 6" rut for an entire moto on a track and think nothing of it. You just have to focus and throw out the aspect of falling. The hardest part to me is not looking at the beautiful view and concentrating on the trail.

Here is a slight example of the stuff we ride where I live. This is one of the nicer trails with quite a bit of width.:thumbsup: The price for not staying on the trail could be devastating. That is what makes it so fun though. I love this kind of stuff, and just wish there was more of it.



Thank you sir for the nice post, it was the perfect morning coffee video!

I am sure it looks much more scary in real life. Not impossibly difficult technically but with no margin for error.

Everybody would walk on a 1 foot wide bench but who would walk on a 1 foot ledge on the side of a scyscraper? Thumbs up for the German boys. :thumbsup:

I am sure that many of us would not think very much before launching on this goat trail. I believe that the brain works very differently when one is in 'survival' mode than when one theorizes about it.

How many times have all of you said 'I will never do that again' in hindsight, only to do it again and again when confronted with it again in real life?

i actually just rode in an area that had a cliff. not that bad but the trail was on the side of a cliff. ya um.. ill pass. i was walking the bike around one spot and the ground gave away. down went me and the bike. screw cliffs lol

I always pay way too much attention to the Beautiful surroundings instead of where I'm going & thats on tracks that are wide enough for a 4wd let alone nasty single track like that.

We don't see any of that sort of stuff in the Western Qld Desert.

I got on a similar area (very short) when we were exploring (aka riding where we were not supposed to go) in Kentucky. choice of continuing or pushig thde bike back cause you couldnt turn around. never again (til next time)

I've got trails just like that, only difference is they're 10 times wider, I still hug the inside track though!

Hats of to those two gents though, scary enough just watching it! :thumbsup:

I got jelly legged just watching it...had to turn it off. Great scenery tho..

Someone posted this vid on another forum, falling off cliffs suck.

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