has anyone had any problems with this bike ??:thumbsup: i have a question also my neadle on my carb is at the lowest slot does this mean i knead a bigger main jet ??

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Possibly, it really depends on how the bike runs not what setting the clip is at. Do a plug chop.

Run the bike at wide open throttle through all the gears and get to top speed, let go of the throttle and immediately put it in nuetral and hit the kill switch. Coast to a stop and pull the plug and take a pic of it, post it here and we can tell you how your running on your main.

I have had great luck with my 2007 250 x31. I figure I have about 2500km on it.

Right now it is in a bunch of pieces because I rode it very hard and neglected it. Grease the rear suspension pivot bearings frequently and check to see if it has a decent air filter, not a gravel filter like mine came with.

Stay away from the performance cdi gio offers. It made mine go like hell for a few minutes then the cdi would cut out often until it died all together.

The reliability seems to be hit and miss. I chock it up to people assembling it who have no idea what they are doing. The reason bikes you purchase from a dealer are mostly bug free is because you pay a professional to assemble it. Go over everything and put blue lock tite on any fastener you can get to. I even had an upper motor mount bolt fall out. I didn't know until I took my tank off.

Can't comment on tuning. Mine ran awesome right out of the box so I figured why mess with something that isn't broke. FYI, it is ridiculously loud with the exhaust packing removed, and even louder if you don't put the tip back on. It just amplifies the lols. :thumbsup:

Replace the plug. That bad boy is done. I can't tell how your run was because of the older deposits. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:

one of my friends had one it was pretty horrible. the motor seized after 3 weeks and yes he changed the oil.

to me that plug is still good go on google and look at the spark plug chart looks the same as mine

Spark plugs are 2 dollars. If it is under question, replace it. I've had bad spark plugs that had never been used. Replace the plug and ride. Change the oil regularily. Simple maintenance is gold on a chinese bike. And, you can't listen to all the hear-say.... I currently have 7 china motors that run, and NONE HAVE SELF DESTRUCTED. -BIG DAN:thumbsup:

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hey it wasent that bad of a bike motomatt i have it now and it works great.

what about last time we tried using it?

I had an X-35 before. Ran great with the "upgrade" CDI. I noticed a difference too. Sold it though after putting on 52 hours in one month. Pretty much the use limit for those crappy chinese bikes. Search my posts for pics n stuff, I had it right modded out with headlight/taillight, bars, etc.

You need to put a new plug in before you do a chop. Mixture looks fine though.

that was my fault i just bifed it so it jard a batteryu cable it still worked though

that was my fault i just bifed it so it jard a batteryu cable it still worked though

WHATTTT?????? -BIG DAN:thumbsup:

when i was riding i fell over and jared a cable on my batery so my electric start wasent working

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