Help with Gaerne SG10 boot size needed

I have search many threads but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for.

I am going to purchase a set of Gaerne SG10 boots, but am having difficulty determining my size. I normally wear an 8 1/2 or 9 in most tennis shoes or hunting boots. I have a crappy set of Answer MX boots I bought last year in size 8 and they fit great. I tried on a 2010 Thor boot last month and a 9 fit well. :ride:

I do not have a dealer within 150 miles that carries Gaerne boots, so I'm stuck with purchasing them sight unseen. Any and all help determining whether I should go with an 8 or 9 would be much appreciated.:thumbsup:

8. They run a touch big.

8. They run a touch big.

Thanks TommyB 754

Anyone else?

Not sure which one you should choose, but I wear size 13 SG10s, Alpinestars, Caterpillar work boots, Adidas, Asics, etc...

I wear size 9 shoes and the size 9 Gaernes fit me fine.

All I've got to say thus far is :thumbsup::ride:

I may be forced to purchase both sizes, but I hate to.

I wear a size 9.5 or 10 when I'm shopping at JC Penny, I bought the sg10s in a size 9 and they fit perfect. good luck

I bought a pair of the SG12's and they fit true to size for me. I wear a size 12 in athletic shoe and the size 12 SG12's fit me perfect.

I wear a 10.5 in tennis shoes... had size 11 fox boots and they fit great... ordered Gaernes in 11... kinda wish I woulda got 10's I'd say go smaller...not bigger

I have SG10's wear a 10.5 most times but the Gaerne 10s fit me perfect no toe squeeze at all.

Wear 10.5 shoe, 11 in Fox boots, 10 in Gaerne boots. Gaerne's run slightly big.

I wear 8 1/2 to 9 shoes and my SG10s are size 9. They fit great with thin socks, but a little snug with thick socks. Depending on how you like to ride (thick or thin socks) you might want to size up a bit. However I must say they are extremely comfortable boots.


Def shuold of read this thread before I bought my SG10's lol

I wear

Tennis shoes: 10 1/2

SG10: 10

Thanks for all the posts everyone. I really appreciate it. I'll probably go with size 8. I'll let you know how they fit after I get them.

Wouldn't it be nice if Gaerne had specific measurements available for the inside of their boots so you could compare with your actual foot measurements? This would insure the right fit! What would even be better is if ALL manufactures were consistent on shoe sizes...but now I'm dreaming.

Just took the plunge. I changed my mind and went with a size 9. Got the newest version for what I think is a smokin' deal ($310 including shipping). I should have them next week and will share my opinion on size then.

I just got my SG10's yesterday!

I wear a Size 11 in tennis shoes and work boots, and according to those metal foot measuring trays they use at shoe stores, my left foot is 11" and my right foot is 10-3/4".........I bought the size 11 and they fit perfectly!

These boots are the most comfortable boots i have ever worn!!!! The SG10's exceeded my expectations by far!!!

The absolute best way to determine Gaerne's (or anybody for that matter) boot sizing is to check the Euro size i.e. centimeters. Being a finer scale it is easier to pinpoint the correct size. I bought Gaerne SG12 in a 10. I wear a 9.5 in running shoes. In all my running shoes, a 9.5 is equal to a 43 Euro. My 10 Gaerne's are a 44.5 Euro. A little big, but I wear thick socks when riding so I decided to keep them after some debate and not return them and get the 9. I scoured the internet looking for a Gaerne size chart and the only one I could find was for an older boot and actually showed the Gaerne boot 10 as being equal to a 43 Euro, thus my reason for initially buying the 10. So, all in all, everyone says that Gaernes run big when in reality, they are an Italian boot and sized them based on a Euro size range. What gets mismatched is when they are paired to a US equivalent that is not just right. Know your Euro size then buy the boots based on that accordingly. Hopes this helps with all the confusion.

old thread...but it helped me tremendously. I wear 10.5's and have had sidi crossfires for the last 5 years. nice boots but really tight around the toes. Just got some sg10's in size 11. They felt really loose, and I was going to size down, but I put in some insoles (as recommended by the thread) and they fit absolutely perfect. couldn't happier and the boots couldn't be cushier. really happy with these boots

its been years i havent worn anything but converse in a size 10 american. i remember size 9.5 fits too but a little snug. i have an old pair of adidas running shoes in 10.5, and i remember maybe 6 or 7 years ago i used to have a pair of adidas that were size 11.


So based on that, do you think sg-10 size 10 would be right for me?


anybody else wear chucks out there? im worried 10 might me too large..

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