06 yz450f Bent Head Pipe touching Cylinder

Had a good crash during the last ice race. After finishing the race I noticed my head pipe was bent in and touching the cylinder. I did not notice any openings or holes just that the pipe was touching the cylinder wall. It also looks like it pulled away from where the exhaust meets the head pipe, distance looks to be about an inch or so. I am guessing this is not good for the bike and I would like to fix this. Do I need to buy a new header or is there a way to bent it back without causing it to break?

I have the same problem right now although I didn't notice mine as quickly. On mine it has started to etch the cylinder head out slighly. Titanium is that nice to bent either. I tried a few things but it seems like my angles still don't look factory and now my kick starter touches the exhaust. Just wondering what you ended up doing?

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