I have a drz 400sm 2007 stock. I live at 100 500 feet above sea level. I purchased the jd jet kit,ktec FS,and k&n filter I did the 3x3 mod cut out spark arrestor and bored end cap to 1 1/2 in. my exhaust is stock besides that mod. My carb is stock mukiniu bsr36 i think. here is what i gathered BLUE NEEDLE C CLIP 4 CLICKS DOWN. 160 MAIN. 22.5 PILOT STOCK. KTEC FS 2 3/4 TURNS OUT Is this right let me know.

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JD kit has what you need. get the extended FS. Jet with blue needled 160 main and 22.5 (stock) with extended FS or 25 without it...

Do a search you will find 1000's of jetting threads.

so if you get the extended fs you keep stock pilot 22.5 but if you get 25 pilot keep stock fs.

yes that is correct , amfs = 22.5

how many turns out on the fs


how many clicks down on the needle do you put the c clip.

how many clicks down on the needle do you put the c clip.

It says in the the JD kit instructions but I think its the 4th one. I may have that confused with the Dyno Jet kit. I can't remember.

Get the kit for you bike and the FS. The kit has good instructions and everything you need.

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