Way to hard to Shift!

Hello everyone, Long time reader, first time poster.

So the issue I am having with my RM-Z 250 is it is a pain in the tail to shift into 3rd gear sometimes and has been nearly impossible to shift into 4th last ride.

This bike has been bullet proof and has had 0 problems with it, I have always taken care of it well and always rode it hard. I have never had a "False Neutrul" or had it slip out of gear.

I was riding on some local trails and trying to get into 3rd I would have to really force it in with all my strength or sometimes double pump the clutch to shift. So I am thinking that it could be my lever / cable but I am unsure. Was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or ideas that I might be over looking. Thanks in advance.

I haven't checked out the plates or taken the cover off yet. This just started my last ride.

If its an 04' 05' or 06' RMZ250 then it is fuct,

If its an 07' or newer then check cable adjustment,

what is the oil like? does it have a metallic shimer to it?

what is the oil strianer like? does it have metal flakes on it?

How many hours has the engine done?

Could even be worn selector forks, i wore out mine after 53 hours

Thanks for the reply, I am not sure why I left out some of the important info.

It's an 07. Has about 14 hours on it since last rebuild. The oil looks great I always change it, just to make sure, no sediment or shavings. So I don't think there was any chewing going on. I don't hear grinding or anything like that. Strainer has very little on it usually. I have a magnetic plug in it also, and nothing there either.

I am hoping that it is either a simple cable adjustment, ASV levers pretty recent, so thinking that could be the issue or just the selector forks. Regardless hope its a cheap fix, its to early in the season to have issues already!

Thanks again!

Do all the simple little fault finding things first but I think your going to end up splitting the cases buddy. Sounds to me like a worn or bent selector fork. The clutch cable tension will make no difference really, you should be able to change gear without disengaging the clutch.

If it is an '07 and you haven't replaced all the friction disks with the newer versions, it is like a ticking time bomb. I broke just about every friction disk until the '08 versions came out and as soon as I felt the shifting hang up I'd pull over and take the clutch apart to find a broken disk...

Sounds like a bent shift fork to me...

It's not as bad as some make it out to be...

So if it ends up being the selector fork, how much does that usually end up running?

I may as well just have the disks and friction plates replaced while it's its in there. Thanks for everyones input.

So if it ends up being the selector fork, how much does that usually end up running?

That can get pricey because it can involve the shift drum and multiple gears along with a shfit fork. The broken clutch plate issue wouldn't affect a particular gear. It would have more to do with shift mechanism going into any gear. It takes only five minutes to pull the clutch plates out so it would be worth checking first before tearing down the whole motor...

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