Which is the the right bike for me?

I am somewhat new to riding but rode a lot when I was younger. I am 37 years old, 5-11, 170. I have a CRF450R. Been having some problems with the bike, mostly mechanical. Been thinking about a 250 4t. I ride in the woods, would like to do track one day and maybe the dunes once or twice a year.

So I went by the local Yamaha dealer and saw some bikes:

08 YZ250f - $4700

09 YZ250f - $5200

2010 - YZ250f - $6500

The Yamaha financing makes all of them pretty do-able. Is the 2010 worth it? I am on a tight budget, wife, but could maybe swing it if I wanted.

Will a 250 suit me? Do people "grow out" of the 250s?


This is the six million dollar question. At your age a lot of folks are considering the best discplacement for the type of riding they mostly undertake. At 170 you are not overly heavy and have some options. The WR 450F is a very tractable bike and is a delight to ride. That said a wr 250F with a pipe is much easier in the tight with enough grunt to satisfy you for 90% of the time. The other 10% will be acceptable but not stellar.

One thought would be to buy a well loved 2008/2009 WR250F and get the 300 Athena kit for it. That will give you a 250 on roids with better bottom end punch, still maintain the great rideability of a 250, have an electric leg (YZ's don't) and the nice wide ratio box for some real dual sport riding. Happy deciding, I would suggest you have a ride on the 450 and 250 as a base case before doling out the cash.

For that kind of money, I can buy 3 older bikes and some parts to keep them going. Power to weight is what you're asking, and at 32hp, the yz250f has plenty to be fun to ride. I agree that the WR is one you should consider as well, but they are popular and not easy to find.

Thanks guys. Would love a wr but reluctant to put money into it to get it going like I want. How do the prices look for the yz's?

Your not going to grow out of the 250. I am 215lbs without gear and fly on my 08 yz250f. I do have an 03 honda crf450 but ride my 250 more. I get over the same jumps as on the 450. I had a 450 years ago as did all my friends and went to the 250 in 04 and was just as fast. In fact the 250 made me a better rider,,you need to be more precise and set up with the 250 were as the 450 you can be lazy. The 250 is just more fun and you will get into less trouble especially when you get tired.Get the 250. If you can find a nice 06 for a good price I would get it if not the 08 is a gret bike. I have 129 hours on mine and still on stock piston and valves have not moved. And I ride the piss out of it. Oh i am a fast b+ rider and the bike get me over 60-100 ft jumps no problem.

I don't have an opportunity to ride a 250, but was curious about the handling differences. Is there a significant difference? The weight between the 450 and 250s are so similar.

I rode my buddy's 250 2 stroke and was amazed on how light feeling it was. Wondering if the 250Fs are similar?

I know that my 250 2t is lighter than my 250f, but the 250f feels lighter on the track. I'm guessing that it's where the weight is carried. I'm about 185 and love my 250f. I have a blast on the 450's as well but I agree that the 250f makes me a better rider, keeps me conscious of corner speed. Also I think that the 250 smoker might feel heavier to me because it's constantly trying to rip my arms out of socket, but it's a whole lot of fun!

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