!!!!!would like input!!!!

I have a 2009 DRZ400SM..... hot cams, 39mm carb & JD jet kit, full FMF exhaust, K&N air filter, and just this week a JD Big bore kit (Soon to port head).

First question is a $300 investment in a Dyna FS CDI Ignition, worth it in my bike combo. This is the one I am looking at;


I have heard horror stories about guys spending $300 and more on CDI boxes that are crap and just cut out when rev limiter is hit.

Question 2, I have also been looking at the AMR MONSTER COIL to go along with the my mods. Will i notice a difference with that bit better of a spark? It says 34% better spark so thats a bit stronger, but enough?????

ANY INPUT! preferred from experience no "he said she said" would be much appreciated!

no to both.

No and no.

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Eddie must have posted just as I started reading. Oops.

lol too easy... Any you would recommend there eddie? or is there even an inexpensive alternative to both parts i could get?

is there even an inexpensive alternative to both parts i could get?

Very inexpensive solution,, Use what came on the bike, the coil and CDI are not holding back any performance on your combo...

Very inexpensive solution,, Use what came on the bike, the coil and CDI are not holding back any performance on your combo...


money is better spent on a pipe that flows.

Another thing to watch out for is that the Dynatek CDI is based on the S CDI. I have learned the hard way so far, I bought on off ebay like your looking at for an E. Got it a few weeks later in the mail, plugged it in, bike would not start. The instructions say if it does not start then reinstall the factory CDI if it starts then the unit must be faulty. Did that and guess what it started. Emailed the company I bought the unit off, the hand balled me to thier rep at Dynatek. When I eventually got in touch with him he asked a couple of questions and told me to post it back for testing. A little further down the track I was asked what type of DRZ I have, I said a 400E. Oh, thats a problem then because Suzuki told us that they only have one CDI for the three different bikes but later on we found out that they have 3 different CDIs and we did all our development on the S. Also does your bike have a side stand safety swich, YES, because that coud be another factor.

I am not here bashing Dynatek because I have seen improvment made with programable CDI's and they have been nothing but helpfull but you need to make sure that the thing will work properly first time you plug it in. Especially when you live on the other side of the world (well the pacific anyway).

Good luck with your project.

it would have worked fine if you would have disconnected the green wire in the big plug at the cdi.

ya i had already picked up the FMF system be 4 i did some research oh the

YOSHIMURA EXHAUST. But thats $600 spent and if i up grade it will be no less then Yoshimura carbon duals for $1000.

Just no more doubling once that happens.

MRD,less than $500.

doesnt matter what you do it will never make more than 44-45 hp with the pipe you have.


Well then I have got some thinking a head of me, I have the opened air box also but, if your saying that i have a hole new look at it.. I did not expect the restriction in flow 2 be that much.

Well shit that makes the BB a WAST if i do not upgrade again!

Also what will i gain with the modified OEM CDI box

and yes the bike has the kick stand safety

What modified OEM box? Just use it the way Suzy installed it. No mods needed.

Also what will i gain with the modified OEM CDI box

You only cut the green wire when swapping CDIs between E and S/SM models.

Ok so stay away from the cdi box. got it

Now will the Yoshimura RS2 provide enough flow to my motor, so it can let all 434cc be used, properly? Because i was expecting at least 45hp with all mods not just hoping for 40-45.

But thats why I am here for specs on this bikes air flow and intake.


I think Eddie told me once that the RS2 (that's what I have) will max out around 45 h.p. (or was it 48?). To get any more than that there are only two options: SSW Edition MRD or the Yosh titanium setup (TRC or TRS, whatever it is).

Edit: I think this is the Yosh


MRD is less than $500 and makes the same power. :thumbsup: It's hand made here is Riverside, CA and is a real work of art with customer service that can't be beat.

Yup $500 US.

I am Canadian my friend add in shipping and exchange rate and what not plus duty, and I am sure Ill get a few more bills added on once I get billed.

But thank you Ill start looking into the titanium system and how much its gonna cost me.

Good luck!

I'm halfway around the world and with shipping and duty the price still was very good! Im sure the Yosh would have cost more than twice more.. Im very happy with the MRD. You get an unbeatable warranty and excellent customer service! Looks awesome too!

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