best place to replace air filter case

The arifilter case, above the mud flap in the back is is cracked with a hole in it, OEM is 100 bucks, anyone know and better replacement part other then OEM for that price or perhaps where to look for used ones, nothing on ebay.

Hole in the size of a golf ball and its crack pretty much from top to bottom so its way past taping it or glueing it

Sheet metal + rivits + sealer from inside? $5.

Sheet metal + rivits + sealer from inside? $5.

sheet metal? Could work, there's a vertical crack but the sheet metal could work what kind of metal are u talking about trying to picture it.

Find some thick plastic container material, cut to size then use washer rivet washer combo and sealant.

sounds like a good idea for now, tupper wear and sealant basically

You can get rolls of roof flashing for a few bucks at any hardware/home depot, cut w/snips & rivit away. Plastic is good too, an old # plate/side panel would be my choice for strength, home plastic ware will crack easily.

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