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I broke my rear hub last weekend after a jump. I ordered a new hub and planned on relacing the wheel myself. While I have it a part I was going to take my front wheel apart and get both wheels and hubs powder coated. My question is can I reuse the spokes or should I order new ones?

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You can but you will need to be very careful when disassembling the wheel not to damage the nipples if the threads are corroded.

start by putting a drop of penetrating oil on each spoke nipple the night before.

Then use heat on the stuck nipples so you don't break anything.

Once apart wash and dry spokes and nipples.

before reassembly on used or new spokes dip the spoke thread in water proof grease before you install it into the new wheel.

This will make retorqueing (which is why you rim failed in the first place) more effective some months after the initial wheel build:thumbsup:

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