Rekluse z start pro...

Hi everyone,

Just curious... but would a Rekluse Z Start Pro be useful for supermoto application (racing use)?

What are the major differences between something like this and a slipper clutch?

Thanks for your help

A slipper slips the clutch on deacceleration to keep engine braking under control the Rekluse slips on accelleration to keep it from stalling. Two entirely different things

Thanks, just after posting this I did more research and figured that out... thanks.

Slipper is def the way to go!

i run one on my crf450r7 supermoto.......does wonders

How so? Where do you find the benefit?

I raced with a Rekluse and loved it. Eliminates stalling, which is especially easy on slicks on dirt! I had Doug Chandler stall right in front of me once, which shows anybody can make a mistake!

It is also the holeshot device, almost guaranteed 1st or 2nd into the first turn. Put it in 2nd or 3rd gear, then run it up against the brake, when it goes green, go WOT! Anybody can do a good start sometimes, with the Rekluse, it is easy everytime.

You are also never in the wrong gear, because it will always slip until you're in the powerband.

I also found that the Rekluse seemed to eliminate hop like a slipper, although many will argue it doesn't. My CRF hopped bad, but never did again after installing the Rekluse.

I also run the Rekluse rear hand brake, which makes backing it into right hand turns with your foot down easy.

Huh, I never thought of it that way. Sounds like there is a place for a Rekluse in SM after all!

Thanks Pete

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